Lot Nr. 15

Antique Coins, Greek, Mysia, Lampsakos Gold Stater with Zeus and Forepart of Pegasus, Circa 350 BC, RARE, A.XF (*)

Details: Lot Nr. 15 / Auction Nr. 13

Very RARE and Superb Gold Stater from Lampsakos. Obverse : Laureate Head of Zeus facing right. Reverse : Forepart of Pegasus facing right. A really beautiful coin !  (*) (ATTENTION : Sales Commission on this gold coin is 10% only !) (OPGELET : Verkoopscommissie op deze gouden munt is slechts 10%)

Country: Greek Mysia
Reign: Lampsakos
Denomination: Gold Stater
Year: Circa 350 BC
Grade: A.XF
Catalog Nr.:
Metal: Gold
Weight: 8
Size: 17