Lot Nr. 22

Antique Coins, Roman, Constantius II, Gold Solidus 337-361 AD with Roma and Constantinopolis, Superb ! (*)

Details: Lot Nr. 22 / Auction Nr. 13

Scarce and lovely Gold Roman Solidus From Constatinus II. Obverse : FLIVL CONSTANTIVS PERP AVG, Pearl Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right . Reverse : GLORIA REI PVBLICAE, Roma seated facing left, Constantinopolis seated facing right, supporting round shield with inscription VOT XX MVLT XXX; SMANH in exergue.  (*) (ATTENTION : Sales Commission on this gold coin is 10% only !) (OPGELET : Verkoopscommissie op deze gouden munt is slechts 10%)

Country: Antique Coinage
Reign: Roman
Denomination: Gold Solidus
Year: 337-361 AD
Grade: XF
Catalog Nr.:
Metal: Gold
Weight: 4.42
Size: 21