Lot Nr. 1526

Roman Coinage, Empire, Hadrian, Silver Tetradrachme (117-138 AD) Alexandria (Egypt) mint, Emperor Hadrian right and Canopus of Osiris, S.1068, SCARCE, F/VF

Details: Lot Nr. 1526 / Auction Nr. 23
Lovely ancient and SCARCE silver coin from the Roman Empire under Hadrian in very nice condition. Obv : Laureate and draped bust of Hadrian right with crescent moon. Rev : Canopus of Osiris to right. Alexandria Mint !
Country: Roman Coinage
Reign: Empire
Denomination: Tetradrachme
Year: (117-138 AD)
Grade: F/VF
Catalog Nr.:
Metal: Silver
Weight: 12.42
Size: 25